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Friday, February 26th, 2010

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Note to Your Grace…

Jonny, when you get back… (back..??? hey man, you know that you’re too important to have a personal life…nah, fuck that, take as much time as you need [you’re way too important to us to have you burn out] )…. you have got to just lay it out, ‘cause “ WE, THE PEOPLE, HAVE COMPLETELY LOST OUR FUCKING  MINDS”…. Right in front of us, we are watching the same avaricious bastards who just recently brought us to the brink of oblivion, sending thousands of highly paid ombudsmen with cash hanging out of their pockets to DC, to (successfully..and once again…) purchase our Congress… so please, fucking, please, pretty please with Mandelbrot on top…… jonny…. Will you excoriate the American people, or at least your relatively thoughtful public, for the limp-dicked bastards we have become (men and women…I know…I know…” women don’t have dicks…” still, you get my drift, ya bastid..)… and urge us to start screaming wildly and to, immediately, commence rioting in the streets … in DC, from the Mall, in front of the Great Emancipator,  to the White House lawn  and on every corner in NYC from your infamous studio on Eleventh Avenue to that other infamous eleven… 11 Wall Street (home of the infamous NYSE and many of the same infamous bastards (see above) whose greed has almost sent us spinning off into a wild, blue, and, one might imagine….also infamous…oblivion)


First draft of a Letter to the Editor of the (once prestigious) New York Times…

A Modest Proposal (deux..uh..duh)

Whilst at toilette (I call it my Situation Room) this snowy morn and mid-read through my umpteenth article on the virulent spread of Tea Partyism in America, I thought to myself, alas, why does there exist no countervailing, popular  movement of post-Enlightenment individuals willing to combat the woeful ignorance and fundamentalist fervor of these crazy-ass Tea-baggers (and naturally me thought that I probably know many of these quirky folk and they are not actually evil [what the hell is that, anyway..?], but merely…misunderstood)… so…where are the Coffee Houses, where congregate the Sensible Ones, The Sensitive Ones…who yearn for a world free of the repressive chains of Church and Special Interests… where is The Coffee Coalition, dammit…? Well, I did what any modern fellow (or gal) would do in such a situation and googled “Coffee Movement” and sure enough, found a post from 4 a.m. this very morning, from the Washington Post via The Huffington Post,  about an incipient group of “good-doers”  called the “Coffee Party”…of course, david, you get a brilliant idea…tens of thousands of “coffee houses” springing up all over the country dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal and all we’ve got is each other and the animals and plants that co-exist with us on this spectacularly beautiful planet that we’ve been trying to destroy for the past thousand years (….the demolition didn’t really get into high gear until the Industrial Revolution)… and… someone, apparently Silver Spring, Maryland’s, Annabel Park, has already moved ahead with my plan (Microsoft did the same thing with Windows 7..and don’t get me started on the Internet and Netflix)… well…jolly good for you, Annabel (lovely name, by the way)  and even after seeing a couple of compelling videos from the CP…erp (that could be trouble)  I’m sure there’s room for one more… it is, I, David… uh…(let’s call me.. ) Swift, being of relatively sound mind and (okay, admittedly) abused body…propose the further formation of a national movement of informal grass root coffee houses sponsored by The Coffee Coalition and dedicated to a few commonly held (tell me if I’m wrong) principles:

1. It is time for this country to nationalize the Health Care Industry…the amount of money and effort expended in advertising and paying lobbyists to corrupt our government officials is money and time that could be spent keeping all 300+  million of us healthy…! coordinated health care (even more wonderful and effective than Medicare already is..[and that’s saying something, if you are one who has, as I have , had to deal with this stuff in relation to a parent or friend and marveled at Medicare’s remarkable efficacy] ) is the only way to go and the time is definitely….Now…!

2. Women, finally, must be recognized as equal citizens to Men…an Equal Rights Amendment must be passed that ensures them the right to equal pay for equal work and the unassailable Right to make all decisions pertaining to their willingness, or lack thereof, to bring forth new life, as it were.. and for that matter, to decide (and this will apply to men as well) when its time to go and to be permitted to chose their preferred method of “shuffling off to Buffalo”. And while we’re on human rights, its finally time to say….no….SHOUT..”No..!” to the hideous Tea Party objections to the freedom and equality of our homosexual citizens and open all institutions ..the military, marriage, etc…etc… without caveat.

3. All people who are here within the borders of this country (and who want to remain here) should be regularized, welcomed,  and given the opportunity to become citizens, then, that done, our borders should be secured..(why is it that the discussion is always about a thousand border guards and a fence. What about twenty thousand border guards working out of a string of strategically placed  “Border Stations” and while we’re at it let’s have daily, weekly and monthly passes for “Guest Workers” who don’t want to leave their country but come over seasonally to help us with the crops, etc…. and speaking of jobs…its time to work on the infrastructure with some of that bank bail out money and missing pallets of tens of millions in the war on terror, to take us all off the grid and using alternative energy sources make every region in the country energy self-sufficient and guarantee full employment to all Americans who are willing and able to work. N.B. We can also raise significant funds to accomplish these goals by legalizing and taxing drugs which would take them out of the hands of criminals and the corrupt politicians they buy to assure their continued hegemony over the Drug Trade.

4. Let’s really recognize that although, in this wonderful country, we’re all allowed to believe whatever weird shit we want to, and we should attempt be tolerant of each others er… peculiarities … we should also make an effort to keep any single, wacky dogma from being pushed in our national institutions…that is schools and government buildings…and let’s not let (the more aggressively …uh….deluded) practitioners of any of these sects push their (bizarre) agendas( do I have strong opinions about this particular subject, or what..?) on us and especially our children…ergo…let’s teach that what we do affects our planets climate and the viability of all aspects of the natural system ( clean air, water and earth…disposal of toxic materials, the by-production of hazardous substances, the extermination of endless species of flora and fauna …the answer to our problems is not to eat (thank you, brother Jonathan) our children, (or our children’s future.) and let’s re-introduce to public education, classes in Civics and Ethics so that our kids don’t grow up to be assholes who hate their own government and conflate a desire to accumulate knowledge with a grievous sin against the All Father    (who, I guess, would rather have a beer and not over-think the problem) ..and allow them to understand that the basic tenets of Human Morality and ethics precede the formation of all modern religions (especially those that claim to be soul possessors of the “answer” and architects of the Only Way.

5. Let’s be secure with both effective and responsible police forces and military to keep our world safe…but, while we recognize the lamentable necessity for such institutions, lets not celebrate militarism and glorify warfare, whether its on our streets, here at home, or on the streets of Baghdad, where we have given the police explosive weaponry that has decimated neighborhood after neighborhood in a way that we would never accept at home. And let’s not have the military and publicly-paid-for mercenaries become (as they so often have been) the private army of various profit-driven corporate interests and/or political demagogues (the entire Bush family comes to mind). In other words, let’s try to emulate the cool, blue people in that film, Avatar…and not the dickheads in gas masks.

6. Lets pay serious attention to the education of our children so they may prosper in the modern world and so they don’t fall prey to the idiotic notions of their under-educated parents and understand how important it is to defend our planet from ourselves and to recognize that we are all part of a single organism…. and lets make it common knowledge that evolution is a proven “theory”, otherwise known as a “fact”, and that it is not an “opinion” as some “nitwits” would have them believe… and let’s teach the history of all our people, not only by adding the (you would think, by this point, requisite) “Zinn“ book to the public school syllabus, but also by giving more than lip service to this “melting pot” notion and being a little less euro-centric in our entire curriculum… a good place to start might be by teaching all kids Spanish, as a second language, while their brains are in that language “sponge” phase (grade school). How many tensions in the days ahead would that help to avoid..? same thing goes for fostering an understanding of the mind sets of the Far and Middle Easts.

…and finally, lucky number, 7. In terms of our relations with the rest of the world, that is to say, our ancestral homes, could we “encourage” our leaders to make friends by offering help, whenever possible, in the areas of Health, Education and Welfare and minimize the presence of military forces except perhaps as participants in an, as yet to be established, global police force, that helps to keep the peace. In a world prone to outbreaks of criminal violence, where havoc is easy to come by…first, we could make an effort to stop the sale of weapons to places that use these weapons to commit wholesale murder against their own innocent populations that they often hold captive with acts/threats of violence. Diplomacy…carrots instead of sticks…make friends, not just clients…make love, not war…and to any reading this who recognize the hippie poster expression…let me say that the most popular pro-Vietnam (doesn’t seem possible, now, in retrospect, that anybody could have been “for” that war) bumper sticker was “America…Love it or Leave It” and my favorite and I always thought, quite poignant, retort sticker was  “America…Change it or Lose it” But, my favorite T-shirt slogan ever, which I think is funny and even though its cynical, sadly true…is the twisting of the UNCF motto that simply goes…..“A Mind is a Terrible Thing….” As much as that made me laugh/cry when I first saw it….it was far less…important… than the timeless admonition of the original which adds, of course, the words, “……to Waste.”

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Saturday, February 6th, 2010

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