Dateline: TDSWJS 3/8/10 “Suck it dry…”


Excellent as your interview with retired, and lovin’ it, Wall Street whistleblower cum misanthrope, Hairy Metropolis, was…and it really was…(I couldn’t get enough of  Mr. Markopolos’ straight talk…so, as long as it’s the rich stealing for the rich, its hands off for the SEC and obviously they, nor, anyone else within earshot of Harry’s astonishing claims, would allow themselves to give credence to the notion that the rich would allow themselves to be taken by one of their own…well…as John Oliver would say, (and did, repeatedly, last evening,) “Suck it, you rich bastards, suck it dry…” (you know, Jon, getting away with “suck it…” is time-honored envelope pushing…but, “suck it dry” [with its unavoidable, attendant imagery], as well as your full frontal “coupla beeps” while we read your lips, policy, are really helping to push back against the forces of darkness that are sponsoring media censorship in contempo-fucking-rary, Amerika…so, here’s a sincere Thank-You from us…at least I think…uh, you guys…?  yup…I was right….so say we all). Now, as I, alone, was saying, excellent as your interview was, it still came in third place, so awesome was the Show last night…Oliver’s “catechism of evil” appreciation speech at the Asaddamy Awards covered so much ground, and so suc(k)cinctly…and then Jason Jones fearless examination of the scandalous use of the image of notorious media-whore, Mother Teresa, on American stamps..…it had to be said..?

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