Ultimate Cage Match: Mankind Vs. Planet Earth


Somehow, as always, I don’t know how they do it, but, its brilliant…the hopelessly, pathetic morons who populate the Fox News Channel (simpleminded lackeys, for the Neo-Con cogniscenti, who themselves, are mere [unwitting] toadies for the Almighty Dollar worshipping Apolitical Super-Rich [the ASR (or Æsir]…these are the Gods of a Bygone Age [the GBA], the True Wasp Gods [the TWGs], the Original Norse Gods [the ONGs], or, the Gods Who Ruled Germany and Great Britain in Their Formative Years [the GWRGAGBFYs… pronounced gwerGAGbuhfees], it is these gods who rule Wall Street, and therefore, The World. [Yessireee Bob…..! the Æsir !!! you’ll be hearing more about them in the “my mind” to come…its serious, crazy-as-a-bedbug conspiracy stuff, which is probably inaccurate only in its underestimation of the truly reckless nature of these business school banditos])…anyway, these guys have managed, yet again, to frame the argument in such a way as to minimize the scope of the problem and, indeed, question the basis for the alarum sounded by the environmental movement altogether…the insidious way the haves have, for millennia, played the have-something-but-not-lots off against the have-nots has worked very well for them…you can make 5000% profit (that’s fifty times your investment, baby) buying drugs wholesale in South America, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia (why do you think drugs are both illegal and so easy to get..?)…selling them to the poor, who then prey on the buffer (read: middle) class, mugging them, knocking off their small businesses, stealing their TVs and…making the middle class despise the poor and admire the rich and then, when the health care reformers come ‘round…they’re all about bankrupting the middle class to pay for the poor and murdering everyone’s parents…and abortions are about killing sweet little babies (not about avoiding back alley hanger abortions) while, when, and if, Roe V. Wade is finally overturned, the rich will have their unwanted heirs aborted in deluxe Swiss spas, as always…its all business as usual, my friends…global warming…? then, why so much snow…? or…it was this hot in the middle ages…and…spending money on the environment is a waste and making corporations clean up their own acts will only kill jobs…forget about pouring poison into lakes and streams and into the atmosphere and strip mining mountains and burning the oxygen-supplying rain forests and over-fishing and over-hunting species into extinction and depleting natural resources and outright raping the third world of its resources without so much as a by-your-leave….Ah…its all too much to take…!!! how do you stand it Jon Stewart, how do you, night after night, find the strength to make fun of these guys and not go completely fucking bonkers when faced with their endless shenanigans..?…I applaud you, sir and thank you…and hope that you will continue to fight the good fight…until you’re totally batshit…(better you, than me…erp…just kidding…I got yer back, brudder)

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