It’s Wednesday and the rant is due.


So you have (prepare for oxymoron) all the Right Wing Think Tank guys spurting nonsense about how you mustn’t tax the rich, because if you take money away from the geniuses who occupy the realm of the Uber Rich you will cripple the creative drive of mankind…well, my friends, its such a load of crap (read: collection of notions based on a specious premise) that the world’s progress depends on keeping the well-to-do..(well-to-do), that only over-paid PR flaks could actually (even pretend to) believe it…creative genius appears in every socio-economic group and hard workers are more likely to sport cloth caps than bejeweled tiaras…give money to lower middle class, or even poor, women if you want to see real productivity (check the stats on the micro-banks flourishing around the globe) You want to raise the tax base…? Give every unemployed American a job working on (and in) schools and hospitals and building and running a new “off the grid” America…taxes galore..! Then, take the trillion dollars spent every ten years or so, on the various corporate-sponsored Greed Wars, away from Halliburton (and all the other non-tax paying corporations that comprise Grandpa DDE’s Military –Industrial Complex) and the Bush family (and Saudi friends)… and use it to completely revamp this beautiful country of ours…And if you want to find the money to provide health care and a good education for every American and fix the infrastructure and move the world away from its dependence on fossil fuel and fully re-fund social security and do all the things that we as the wealthiest country in the world are capable of doing…well okay then…let’s get back to a 70% marginal tax rate for all people with an income of over $500,000 a year and you know what…??? the rich will still be rich..!!! (that’s how rich the One Percent have become since Reagan threw all caution to the wind in the 80’s and removed any obstacles to an upper class that could be completely unrestrained by any sort of moral (or legal) code whatsoever)…they’ll still have many houses and pools and tennis courts and country clubs and boats and cars and planes and servants and caviar and champagne and no shortage of foie gras and platinum Rolexes and trophy wives and super-duper extra special boutique/spa health care …if they paid 70% of their annual income, they will still have enough money to persue their creative impulses and fly Emirates first class cabins to Dubai for an indoor, summer skiing weekend for $17,000 round trip per person from JFK and they’ll still be able to spring for the $10,890 a night suite at the Burj Al Arab….they’ll have all of that and they will live in a secure America filled with educated, healthy citizens and the lowest crime rate around and all they have to do to is to stop paying politicians to fuck the little guy (and to kiss their asses) and put a significant percentage of their gain (ill gotten or otherwise) to work turning this country of ours into a workable prototype of heaven on earth and then we need to make it our business to export our ecstatic lifestyle to anyone who wants to get off the greed wagon and join our brotherhood, our sisterhood…. our family of Man.

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2 Responses to It’s Wednesday and the rant is due.

  1. Jake C. says:

    Agreed. God forbid someone loses two of their 5 bently’s the whole economy’s gonna crash. The wealthy are just trying to maintain there position and are coming up with excuses to stay there. Sad but true.

  2. D.C. "Dick" Daily says:

    jake thanks for your comments…i am gratified that you would give me a read….

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