“don’t stop believin’…”






i know not wherefore, but, of late, i have lost all my mirth*  …when i consider our president.

…and the truth is, i do kinda know wherefore…..look, I’ve tried to stay faithful, but the last few days have saddened me and the lapel pin that i have worn with pride and an eye towards a more hopeful future, (after years of being sure, thanks to brother Ralph’s convincing arguments, that democracy simply does not exist  and it never really did [ “you idiot…” understood] )…yes, THAT  PIN of Candidate Obama, on my old beat up black corduroy jacket, i had to take it off.  Right up ’til this morning, when i heard him speaking on that damnable dream crusher, NPR… i would, even in the face of mounting evidence that our boyishly handsome and undeniably likeable, president, is just a boyishly handsome and undeniably likeable, duplicitous, prevaricating scumbag  like all the rest (the rest..? the rest of what, Dick..? the rest of us..? the rest of them..? yeah let’s make it them… for the moment… them… POLITICIANS..!!!  i mean nobody’s perfect, but COME ON…!!!)  i would turn up my collar and hum a few bars of that ubiquitous Journey anthem….”don’t stop believin’, hold on to the feelin’..”

Alas, NO MORE… this morning,  my mirth freakin’ fled, when i heard Barack Obama, a man, who owes his position,  in large part, to the proposition that Federal hegemony supersedes a state’s sovereignty, especially, when it comes to civil rights. I heard HIM say that , although he supports them personally, he could offer no opinion on the adoption of laws pertaining to the equality of our LGBT brothers and sisters, because that’s something each state must decide for themselves. You lost me , brother, (i mean, obviously, I still have to support you, [the way i still have to support Bill Maher, cf. blog entry of 3/7/10] … ’cause the mouth breathers [what does that mean ..?   its like “hatracks”, right..?  ’cause that’s what i mean by it…] …the total cretins that will, undoubtedly, be running against you, will force my hand, literally and once again, to the lever  marked “D”) …………….but, you lost me.

Is there anybody (other than those blinded by having someone’s scrotum laid across their eyes [mind you,  i would defend, though, perhaps not to the death, the tea bagger’s right to perform this venerable sacrament]…) who truly believes that those who struggle for their rights under the rubric LGBT, are merely exercising a frivolous, lifestyle choice (not that you shouldn’t be free to exercise frivolous, lifestyle choices [that don’t hurt other living things], but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish).  Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals and Transgender People should have equal rights with all the judgmental assholes that oppose them, and if a church, or any other other organization, doesn’t  want to honor their rights, then…. that’s fine…a church is a club and freedom of speech demands that even a bunch of neo-Nazis in Skokie, should be allowed to apply for a parade permit, but that church, and those Nazis, should not expect to operate tax-free and have their tax bills paid by those who are shunned by their club…sheeeeiit, it only makes sense…surely, the pope will understand this….if  he ‘s not too busy, ordering his latest pair of Prada’s.

And then, there you are, withdrawing 5,000 troops by summer’s end, from a war that could have been an enthusiastic international police/charity effort…which would have for a tenth of that trillion in “treasure” (i hate that word the way you and other politicians use it…”treasure” is generally something either found or buried by pirates and its often “ill-gotten” and if its the verb usage it means to value something with all your heart…as in, ” I used to treasure the memory of the day you were elected..”…and if its that usage then the only thing we sent overseas that we should really treasure is the men and women we have sent to live-or-die in a world, and for a cause, we do not truly understand) you and your predecessor have spent…after ten years of the combined policing efforts of the FBI and Scotland Yard and the Sûreté and the KGB and all the others,  we could have rounded up all the criminals and with the help of a coalition sponsored national works program (see: WPA), changed the economy to one based on something other than heroin (although saving half of the fields for morphine production might not be a bad idea….) and for 100 billion (per G-20 country, okay,  500 from us and the E.U.)…we could have fed, clothed, educated and offered comprehensive health care to the entire population and left years ago with a brand new, smiling, grateful  friend who would have our back in the years to come.and we could have done the same fucking thing in Iraq..!!!!    And with the hundreds of billions left over we could have given food and fresh water to everyone on the Planet..!!! Hey, this isn’t pie in the sky bullshit, check the numbers…between Iraq and Afghanistan over 2 trillion bucks…trillion…!!! this is world changing money, my friends. 5,000 troops by summer’s end and 10,000 by the new year….too few, Mr. President…too slow and too few… As my hero, Jon Stewart, exhorted you at the end of his piece on your speech yesterday…“BRING THE BOYS HOME…!!!!”

This morning, the president lost me…and I pray, to my mysterious (but always benevolent, in my imagination [i don’t really know, ’cause they don’t actually exist..erp {cool, i get to use the brackets.….which is not to say that i think a divine entity could not exist…i just hope its not any of the ones I’ve ever heard of…wait…“God is Love”…i like that one}]) Gods, that  he will try to win me back, because we need someone brave enough to fight for all of us…I took off my pin this morning, but, I’m not going to throw it out…..not yet.


* i apologize to the Bard’s Ghost for frequently, and miserably, paraphrasing his brilliant work…please, know, WS, my liege, my heart,  that i worship the ground you (once upon a was) walked on…..

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3 Responses to “don’t stop believin’…”

  1. LaVonne says:

    I’m with you on those counts (and more I’d bet.)
    If the president caves again to republicans in the current budget negotiations I, too, will (unfortunately) stop believing in change.

  2. Jake C. says:

    Yeah, it seems like he could have done a lot of things for the U.S. and the world. But his interests are serving that of someone other than the people. War is also the most profitable thing (in their eyes) so its no surprise to me that he’s kept that going and even gone on to expand it. I don’t think that pin will be going back up =/

  3. D.C. "Dick" Daily says:

    my only hope at this point is that he’s waiting for that 2nd inaugural ball to show us what he’s got. thanks for writing…

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