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DCD: As this is my first actual muse (about my Muses), let me make it clear that while my amusement with and admiration for Jon Stewart and the entire cast and crew of the Daily Show may not be quite as gay as Jon’s own affection for our handsome president or the guy that got killed in potter and came back as vampire new moon guy or, of course, his cell block bitch, ricky gervais (hey, jon, you coulda been mommy) it is almost that gay.. I think that Jon and Gang and his pal, spun-totally-out-of-control, Stephen C (and His gang) are borderline comic geniuses who, with regularity, successfully tread the impossibly thin lines between fantasy and reality, social criticism and political satire, comedy and tragedy, day and night, man and woman, yin and yang, good and evil, love and hate, sweet and sour, up and down, frik and “frak”,  and Ham* and so, finally… Eggs.

*…although Jon Stewart is quite obviously a deeply spiritual man and it is also very evident, how proud of his Jewish heritage he is , still, it seems, to me, quite clear, that the man does not keep kosher.

Dateline: TDSWJS  3/2/10       Tuesday in the Snark with Jon

not a surprise, then, that dick von dickwad, the idiotic senator from hell (er…Kentucky […home of johnny depp, the Derby, blue grass, aged whiskey (all good) and, according to recent reports a huge population of drug-addled, gun-totin’, mountain folk living in double wides and electing assholes (not so much)]), would slam the elevator door on our hapless representative (some anonymous reporter from our “free” press)… in the same way that Bob Hope, once rolled up his limo window on my mother’s fingers in the streets of Coventry right after the War…bastards..! Anyway, listening to Mandy P./ G. Wilder (?) in such a confined space could result in great incivility in even the best of us (which, this schmuck, Bunning, lifetime ERA[ does not stand for Equal Rights Amendment] of  3.27….obviously, is not)…..But, man, honestly, is there anybody out there who digs this guy’s act…??? Speak up…!! What do you see in this homunculus..?

corruption in politics…of course…easy pickings…we’re all human, ergo…  power and  sex  are high on the list (for testosterone bearers, at any rate)…now if you add to that, enormous hypocrisy, on the part of the media and the public at large…(love that quote from someone in congress last week, who, when asked, “Why do you people in the Congress suck..?”, said, “We suck…because you suck.”)  Well, there it is …protect your eyes…post-modern stone casting will result in broken glass, no doubt. Anyway, add to human frailty, the need to raise vast sums of money to run a campaign for election, or better yet re-election… and then make no term limits, thus allowing corruptive power to corrupt absolutely over time and you’ve got a seriously marinated 20-term House of Representative PotPourri, (and that does mean Rotten Pot) starring Charley Rangel. (who is still probably a better Chair for Ways and Means than Fanne Fox’s boyfriend, Wilbur Mills was, when I was in high school, but, that doesn’t mean that uttering his name (or any one of five hundred and thirty-four others) won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.)

skip 13 and a half inches forward (‘cause I love Samantha bee) and skip the kid with the carefully sculpted bedhead (‘cause I love Jon’s interviews)

and, Zen…loved the expression on the no-necked gent’s face as he listened to hannity spew (that’s how I feel whenever I even think of sean…sean…damn it…I hate it that this idiot has such a cool name…sean…ah well…the world is a sad and a beautiful place…and sean hannity helps make the sad part…sadder)

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