…because they bought it..!







1. Why  do the one percent own the federal government…? Because they bought it..!  They hired lobbyists to wine and dine..to bribe with unforgettable holidays on silk sheets and full body massages in paradise…and to remind legislators who bought the election for them in the first place and who will be paying for their re-election campaigns…

2. Who chips in most of the government’s revenue? According to CBO figures for the past 20 years, the top 1% (including corporations) have accounted for about 20% of the federal  government revenue (they have also reaped about 40% of the Income and hold…get this..! 11-12 trillion dollars in assets..!!!)…while the other 99% shares 60% of the income and comes up with about 80% of the governments revenue. Revenue whose distribution is controlled by the agenda of the 1% who (cleverly) bought the Legislative and Judicial branches of the U.S. government.  

3. How do the 99% take control of federal government..? We buy it back..! We pour money into campaign coffers …we buy advertising…we hire lobbyists…we..buy..it..back..!!!!

4. How much do we need..? A billion dollars spread around during the six months prior to the next election should guarantee us a huge democratic majority (85-90% NOT IMPOSSIBLE) in both houses and another term for our left-leaning centrist President, Barack Obama (if he promises to revamp his Cabinet and lean more)…as well as, majorities in most state and local governing bodies and judiciaries across the country(whether appointed or elected)

5. How do we raise that much moolah…? 70-odd million registered Democrats alone, could contribute 15 bucks apiece and we’re there…BAM..! OK… let’s say just 30 million Democrats and less than half of the registered Independents at $20 apiece (that’s a cool billion, right there..and that is Change the World money, my friends..!!! [makes you wonder where a trillion dollars went during Dubya’s reign]) and the more contributors…the higher the contributions…the firmer our grip on the agenda.

6. What kind of stuff could we do..? We could pass single-payer health insurance with no debate…we could strengthen women’s reproductive rights … We could pass an ERA that includes all people of all kinds….we could reverse the gerrymandering of election districts..we could push through sensible deadly weapon-control legislation…we could start major Public Works programs to guarantee  full employment and to re-vamp the country’s infrastructure and improve the country’s public schools…we could convert the country and, by taking the lead in R&D, the world, to renewable energy almost overnight(within a dozen years)….we could begin to reverse the damage we’ve done to Mother Earth and hope and pray (to our various gods) that we’re not too late.

7. How do we organize this collection and subsequent dole-out? get Ariana and Jon Stewart (I’m not kidding) and a dozen other smart, progressive, usual suspects to sit on the  board of our new non-profit NGO …BuyTheGovernment.com…and let’s go..!

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