A First Time for Everything..!






I’ve never reposted anyone else’s stuff on this weblog before, but the truthiness and “nail on the head” quality of this comment combined with the tagline which reminded me of my Dad’s use (exclusively) of vintage WWII swearwords, made me laugh and cry at the same time…I would only add that while i fully support the author’s indignation at the hypocrisy of your average politician, his, or her, characterization of “charity”,”handouts” and “welfare” as something disgraceful, is unfortunate, as i believe helping one another get through this life thing with a modicum of dignity (like maybe, a bed, a bath and three squares a day… okay… and maybe, if the situation warrants it, complete healthcare, a college education and the occasional movie [with popcorn]) is shameful neither for the giver nor the receiver. At any rate…“Cut the crap, Dickie…and show the people the poster, fer chrissake..!”         Okay, Dad…………I miss you, Dad.

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