Class Warfare enters 9th Millenium

war..ugh….what is it good for..? absolutely…..profits…oh yeah..!!!! holy shite…! file under: “dispatches from the front….” …the situation is dire, friends…the way it stands is we number about 333 million peasants with a group of about 33 million rebels tired of the endless battering and raping of our people and our land;  and tired of being ordered to participate in the battering and rape perpetrated by the OverLords in the Defense of our Energy Supply and their Profits  abroad…arrayed against us in this pitched battle are several thousand scary monsters…with almost endless resources at their beck, these nightwalkers include the Zombie Mitt (a False Profit) and his BeneXfactors…romknee’s inner grope of pals are guise and grillz with names like Chase and Bain and Citicorpse, they are mindless, drooling killing machines bent on world domination and they have at their disposal the most powerful Praetorian guard ever assembled… with names like Mareen, R-Me, Air Forz, and Nay-V not to mention the CIA, The FBI, the police forces of Everytown, USA, The NSA, ATF, NASA(the Eye in the Sky)etc… etc…etc… all paid for and manned by the….pleasants… but, all receiving their marching orders directly from Mitt and the Star Chamber… the most Bored of Directors that seeks to systematize its supremacy by actually electing one of their own… my god(I’ll explain what that means…to anyone who cares to listen)… to be continued…

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