Dateline: TDSWJS 3/3/10 Megyn and Sarah


Its very sad that those personifying the  lowest common denominator make up the most vocal segment in our society…I mean real, bottom feeding creatures like Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh…oh, dear God, would that you did exist that You might smite these vermin that seek to infect Your children with their hate and fear mongering…Parenthetically, I find the basic tenets of Christianity, those enumerated on the Mount (the Sermon wherein that great rabbi, Jesus, rejected/improved His Dad’s/His Own tabloid instructions to Moses and the Jews) to be perfectly in line with all of the kindest and most enlightened teachings that have come down through the Millennia from our common ancestors (at their kindest and most enlightened moments)…and the rest….the burning bush, the wheels of fire, Jonah in the whale, the virgin birth, the walking on the water, the resurrection, and all the many aspects of a consensual hallucination that throughout the past three thousand plus years has featured various and sundry lowlifes using the Testaments of the Judeo-Christian faith as the basis for either a small minded, tawdry monotheism ruled over by a Vengeful God, or post-revelation, an equally bizarre tri-partitheism, regularly misapprehended by those who are either innocently ignorant or those who willfully reject rational thought at every turn(because it serves their nefarious ends) to keep the People ignorant and in a state of Perpetual Terror…these Fundamentalists of every stripe…who love to call anyone who disagrees with their blather “blasphemers” or ”wackjobs” or worse…and the lowest of the low (those who populate the studios and back alleys of Fox News) use to incredible advantage, the few hugely (and truly) charismatic Dumbasses that have dragged us through the shit for the  past thirty years, starting with the king, Ronald  Reagan (he would certainly have been a Tory at another point in American history…as would they all) and then Dubya and finally Sarah of Wasilla…The only advice she ever gets from her Dad is which ammunition to use….delightful…and Jay Leno, back-stabbing sycophant that he is, eats it up and then uses his dishonestly got position as host once again of late night’s only sacred talk show, a show whose position as the show biz apotheosis of every comedians dreams, an appearance that they spend countless hours in the  trenches working for…he cheapens this institution by allowing this backwoods Beauty Contest runner-up to do a stand-up routine center stage….if there was ever a question about how truly uncool Jay Leno is…surely the verdict is in…a great segment Jon… fair and balanced, as always … thanks.

Oh, one more thing…when is that Angela Davis show gonna start on the Acorn Network…? it looks like could be a welcome antidote to the Megah Pally Show

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