smugly elitist male model perfects superior smirk…

Unbefuckinglievable…!!! this bastard says ..”what i admire is the guy who loses a $22/hr job and gets two $9.50/hr jobs to  make ends meet…” with a big smile…so happy is he, that Americans will work 16 hours a day to make less than they made before he (Romney and his LBO pals) sent all the “high paying” (over $20/hr.)  jobs to Asia (where they became $1.25/hr.)  jobs and still vote for him….That kind of ignorance is certainly something to cherish in your electorate, alright…if you’re an unapologetic one percenter looking for votes. subsequently, our hero is overheard confiding to his 50,000 per plate dinner companions that 47% of the american public are useless leeches who expect someone else to pick up the tab on health and food and shelter, etc….of course, under even the most superficial examination it turns out that the majority of this 47 % (who don’t pay federal income tax) are the “admirable daddies and mommies who make $9.50 an hour holding down two jobs….making coffee and shining shoes, stocking stores and manning cash registers, etc…and , of course the elderly, and children ( now, in 1901, old mitenezer romney would have had them chained to the industrial revolution 12 hours a day….ah those halcyon days of early mormonism…(with sister wives abounding) and the military…oh, yes all those leeches in the armed forces fighting to protect the overlords’ interests or  offer payback for( real or imagined) slights from their feudal cousins across some imaginary line or another

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