Guns ‘n Gods R Us

Oh, for Christ’s sake!!! O.K….O.K. don’t  get excited…!!!  I’m not a religious man, or rather, as a pantheist, I believe that All are One and The One is All, ergo;  Thou Art God and I have little use for the external “personal” gods of the Judeo-Christian monotheistic/tripartite tradition …but the madness surrounding the Weapon Shops of Isher*  world we live in has me so flummoxed that I have to appeal to, (read: exhort) the Gods of Others…so, please…… (at this moment where many in our country celebrate  the birth of their messiah [even if the birthdate of this particular messiah was co-opted from the Mithra-ite winter rites and Jesus was apparently born in the Spring [according to many interpretations of the prophetic scriptures of the Christian Bible] and J. D. Crossan’s The Historical Jesus, The Life and Times of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant, paints the picture of a mortal man, an extraordinarily compassionate rabbi [teacher] who taught, by proverbial and parabolic means, an ideological amalgam pieced together  from the Jewish traditions of his people, the O.T. (that’s Old Testament, not Operating Theta [scientology…is there any limit to the foolishness of Mankind..?]) and the philosophies and religions shared by the many travelers from the East (Near and Far) that he encountered growing up in Nazareth, a town so near the crossroads of the Silk Route and the Roman Empire…….please, as i was saying, understand… that i mean no offense to my fundamental friends.

So, once again, and this is an epithet that I hurl with as much (or perhaps, as little) irony as possible...for chrissake..!!!  Take big magazine semi-automatics off the market…!!! make bullets traceable….!!! Require waiting periods and I.D. checks (incl. remedial  psych evals.)…and make all gun laws federal and uniform..and ENFORCE THEM ..!  And while you’re at it…. make the standing professional  army very small …and if you want to go to war…? You gotta draft a militia and the people you draft (and their families) will require you to be damn sure there is a good reason to break out those God Damned (if She is a Just God) automatic weapons to kill our fellow earthlings,  at the taxpayer’s expense and with their lives at stake…you better be fighting for something that we all agree is worth the staggering cost, financially and in human terms, of WAR..!!!

Now , By Buddha…!!!  back to the question of gun control…!!!! every day of the year in this country children are murdered, often by other children and often with UZIs, Mac-10s, AK-47s and AR-15s (terrifying killing machines, all..)…and in an environment of paranoia, created by gun runners since time immemorial to protect their business interests and fill their blood lust-fuelled bank accounts.  By Zeus/Jupiter (actually wait, more lovers than fighters, those two/one)…By Odin All Father..!!!   (well, alright..! now there is a Warrior God…! By God..!!!) go to www.GodChecker.Com  where our blue-blooded American God, Yahweh, The Destroyer (cf. Church of the Sub-Genius)   is listed as first among deities in the Middle Eastern pantheon….and so i caution the godly gunrunners, worshipful warlords and generally greedy goombahs who rule this world (and more specifically, our country)…. remember the French Revolution….push people too far and you will too may, one day, hear the cry of , “Sortez les guillotines..!!!”

*would that it were that A.E.VanVogt world, where, though weapons are ubiquitous, they, magically, can only be used in self defense…

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