Ground Control to Major Tom

AS I WAS MAKING BREAKFAST FOR MY WIFE THIS MORNING I HEARD THE NEWS THAT DAVID BOWIE HAD..DIED…I handed her coffee and said, leaden voiced, “Bowie’s gone….and these people are just chatting away about this and that…” Moved, she said …”instead of openly weeping…” understanding immediately the gravity of the news…. In my mind, this called for nothing short of rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth….the same sort of feelings I had when John Lennon was stolen from us… In fact, it approached the personal sense of loss surrounding the passing of an old friend…maybe, it’s because I first heard Bowie at one of my first play dates with one of my lifelong pals…. Those first moments of incipient brotherhood forged in the cauldron of that epochal year, 1969 …we shared the singular sound and unforgettable lyrics of Hunky-Dory on the floor of his bedroom on Cherokee… Simultaneously, we turned and faced the strain… and now, almost 47 years…a lifetime later….and moments after the release of his latest album, this almost mystical troubadour, is gone…and hundreds of millions will mourn his passing…his generous invitation to join him and…” a couple of kooks, hung up on romancing…” echoing in those deep recesses of the soul where only music and precious few other things reside… Thank you, dear david, for sharing your inspired and profound madness with us all.. We will always count you among the artists most worthy of our love and, the heavens became a richer place with your Arrival…!

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