Alice in Underland “Bring me a pig, for my feet!”


My sweetheart and I saw the early show of Alice in Wonderland 3-D this morning, got home, descended into the Cave (there is a garden out back…its not so bad) and I just finished reading the iAlice 2.0 blogview of the movie, by The Moral High Ground blogger, Anna “have you fellated philately lately..?” Hedigan and although I disagree, wholeheartedly, with her opinion of the film (I believe the Reverend Dodgson’s seminal work should be [and has been] a springboard for imagination in all of us who’ve been touched [in the head] by it) I’m still happy to have found her…I like her writing style and the fact that she is, in her own words, “an expert shusher”… and all I did, was to google Tim Burton’s Alice and Charles Kingsley (the Edwardian botanist/author, who wrote one of the first novels I read as a child and one of the first written specifically for children, The Water  Babies)…in the film, Alice’s dad is named Charles Kingsley and I didn’t remember that from Carroll’s opus, so I figured it was an homage, likewise, I was also put in mind of the artwork of Maxfield Parrish (love that guy) on more than one occasion during the movie (as I was by Peter Jackson’s depiction of Rivendell, in the LOTR trilogy). By the bye, as I’m writing this, we’re watching today’s CBS News Sunday Morning, that I recorded while we were film-going earlier and there is a great report on Sean Penn’s work in Haiti. He comes across as clear, cogent and, all in all,  just a terrific subject for a video portrait (in complete contrast to his visit to Bill Maher’s show on Friday (digressed upon interminably in my last blog)…Back to Alice, so, although, Burton’s film script, picks only a couple of scenes and characters from the original, and expands upon them, to tell his sweet coming of age tale, in “Underland” (as he calls it) and even with little of the complexity of Carroll’s books, his visual imagination is so rich, beautiful and weird, and his mate, Helena Bonham Carter’s, Red Queen, his pal and Godfather to his children, Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter and that girl from In Treatment (Mia Warsomethingski’s) Alice, along with McFly as the Knave (did you ever see Glover’s Bartleby…what a Scrivener..!! and how tremendously bizarre is this Melville genius, anyway…?) and Anne Hathaway’s White Queen and all the Voice Over actors/actresses… the March Hare, Dormouse, White Rabbit, etc… etc…etc…etc….et cetera, all hand in splendid performances, resulting in a movie that is great, great, great….great…………great.

I give it Twenty two and a half Bobos (a burger place i really liked, near my house in Hayward,CA, when I was five)highly recommended …add a dozen or so additional Bobos if you happen to be high, while viewing it, which is also highly recommended…highly, highly, highly….heidi hey…heidi ho…oh..oh…oh.

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